Economy Inn closure displaces at least 12 Hamilton County students

Rain falls as workers cut plywood to board up windows at the Economy Inn on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018 in Chattanooga, Tenn. Over 100 residents were forced out of their homes on short notice after authorities condemned the building as a public nuisance.

The abrupt closure of the Economy Inn on Brainerd Road Wednesday left at least 12 Hamilton County students displaced, according to school officials.

The district was alerted to the situation by city officials earlier in the week, but residents of the hotel were given no notice of the eviction, which sent some families scrambling to find housing while their children were in school.

That earlier notice, which stemmed from efforts to improve on the 2015 Superior Creek Lodge condemnation, helped the district line up services and resources for students and their families, said Jill Levine, the chief of Hamilton County's Opportunity Zone, which encompasses 12 of the district's highest-needs schools.