Side Orders: Air fryer earns its place on the counter

Anne Braly

Like many of us wanting to watch our weight and cut down on the amount of fried foods we consume, I've learned to cut back. But we are Southerners, after all, and we were raised on fried foods. It's part of our culinary vernacular, and I can't imagine going the rest of my life without a piece of fried chicken, french fries or fried fish. Maybe even a fried Twinkie, but that may be pushing the envelope a little too far.

So when I first heard about air-frying, I thought it was probably a one-time wonder, another piece of kitchenware that would end up in my closet for unused appliances. How could air fry food? Fried food is best when it's plunged into a deep pot filled with sizzling oil and fried to a golden crisp, right?

After trying my new air fryer, I'm convinced that air-frying is the way to go.