South Pittsburg eyes new body cameras for police

A Chattanooga Police Department body camera sits in its docking station at the Police Services Center on Tuesday, July 25, in Chattanooga, Tenn.

SOUTH PITTSBURG, Tenn. - New police Chief Wayne Jordan has already identified some much-needed upgrades at the South Pittsburg Police Department.

Among those needs, new body and vehicle cameras top the list.

At the South Pittsburg City Commission's January meeting, City Administrator Gene Vess said officials discovered recently the police department has only two body cameras that work correctly.

"And we don't have any cameras in the vehicles," he said.

Officials contacted Digital Ally in Lenexa, Kan., which offers vehicle and body cameras that sync together.

Vess said one of the camera systems is ready to install, and Jordan has requested the board approve the purchase of five more systems.

The first year of a five-year contract with the company would cost $21,677 for six camera systems.

The city would have to pay $2,766 per year for the remainder of the contract.