Side Orders: Making homemade brownies revives joyful tradition

photo Anne Braly

Ever since the first brownie mix in a box came out back in the 1970s, many cooks take the easy route, making made-from-scratch brownies a delicious rarity. But baby boomers may well remember those delicious brownies made by our mothers. Back then, "Joy of Cooking" cookbooks were a must in every kitchen. They were a cook's Bible. But I go into kitchens now, and it's hard to even find a cookbook, much less that much-coveted "Joy of Cooking," where there was a certain page always pockmarked with chocolate - that page where you'd find the recipe for Brownies Cockaigne.

Those brownies were the go-to recipe for bake sales, bridge parties, potluck dinners. You name it, you could always count on biting into their luscious chocolatey goodness at such events.