Consumer Watch: Tax tips for 2017 filing

Nancy Ridge, program manager for the Chattanooga Medical Society, attempts to simplify a series of steps that some area residents will need to take in providing their health insurance status to the government while filing taxes this year.

Even though I don't begin my annual "Tax Tips" until March, many of you are already banging heads with Uncle Sam and his dreaded IRS department. As I'm undergoing surgery this month with several weeks of non-typing recuperation, it seems important to translate some terms and answer a few questions at this time to aid with 2017 taxes. (As an aside, readers know I'm certainly no accountant, but I can research, read, and - at least for the moment - write to, hopefully, save you all time and frustration. Until the dust settles, and we know what the new tax plan really says and, perhaps, what loopholes might apply to the general public, I'm making no promises for this same time next year.)

1. File "head of household" to better fill your pockets.