Environmental education course gets kids out of the classroom [photos]

Ivy Academy students Shuichiro Yamaski, Chulawan Yimsbun and Trudie Murphy ride their bikes along the Tennessee Riverpark during a field trip Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018 in Chattanooga, Tenn. The group stopped at several points along the path to fill out guided worksheets and talk about the history and environment along the river.

About a dozen Ivy Academy students gazed across a thriving ecosystem in a shallow marsh near a pull-off on the Tennessee Riverwalk. The students were asked to describe what they were experiencing as a looming Lookout Mountain shaped the background.

The students were part of the school's marine science class taught by Jim Watson, and they were conducting a field study of the Tennessee Riverwalk, learning about the history of the area and its role in the community while riding bikes provided by Outdoor Chattanooga on the trail.

"Kids will forget what they did in class today and yesterday," Watson said, "but they're not going to forget this."