Hill: Retire with sanity and grace

Rosemarie Hill

You've been a successful businesswoman, whether you worked for yourself or someone else for many years, and now you want to retire. We can help with that.

This article won't tell you how to save more of your money, how much you should have, where to invest your hard-earned coins or how to spend wisely. Nor where to live, when to move in with the "active seniors," or which child or grandchild you will grace with your wisdom and presence.

Rather, consider first things first: Do you want to retire? If you don't, keep reading anyway. If you do, you've got thinking and scheming to do because you must have a plan for what to do after retirement.

Start thinking by trying very hard to sit quietly (no, we're not going to meditate, although many people say that's a helpful practice - to someone, somewhere, sometime) and envision your life after retirement.