Side Orders: Blueberries, blackberries ripe for the picking

Blackberries and blueberries, isolated on white background. Fresh berry fruit goodness. More fruits and vegetables:
photo Anne Braly

Summer is now in full swing, and the arrival of blueberry and blackberry season makes it the sweetest time of year. You can find blackberries in the wild clinging from their prickly vines. Or visit farms such as Crabtree Farms to pick your own from thornless bushes. Blueberries, too, hang heavy on the delicate limbs of bushes, their sweet fruit getting ready to be plucked and eaten right then and there or taken into the kitchen to enjoy in pies and smoothies.

Both blackberries and blueberries are equally healthful, says Danielle Townsend, a registered dietitian with Primary Healthcare Centers.

"If you think about the array of fruits we have available to us, they come in all different colors," she says.