Gerber: Times Free Press honors 2018 valedictorians from Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia

Alison Gerber

For more than two decades, Chattanooga's newspapers have recognized area valedictorians.

The valedictorian project started with the Chattanooga Times and continued when the Times and Chattanooga Free Press merged in 1999.

We continue that graduation-season tradition this year, but have expanded it - and polished it up, too. On Monday, we launch "Top of the Class," a seven-day print and digital tribute to the best and brightest members of the high school class of 2018.

Twenty reporters and editors worked to assemble the report, our most ambitious salute to Chattanooga area academic excellence ever. This project will feature more than 50 Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia valedictorians and includes public and private schools.

Stories and short profiles of the valedictorians will publish Monday through Saturday and culminate on June 17 in a design featuring thumbnail photos of all of the valedictorians.