Digitized fireworks send Riverbend out with a bang

Fireworks explode over the Market Street Bridge during a previous Riverbend Festival finale.

For the first time, Riverbend's fireworks finale will launch with the push of one button.

James Jones, pyro technician for Pyro Shows, which has produced Riverbend's fireworks spectacle for 34 years, says the show is shooting with a digital system called Fire One.

"I hit one button, and it shoots the whole show. It's got a script inside of it so once the radio signals me to start, it synchronizes with the music. It will shoot a show just like we normally shoot it, except it fires on its own time code without me having to get a cue every time we hit a button. As long as I start when the music starts, it will continue to shoot every cue after that," he explains.

Jones says Pyro shows began using digital systems five years ago.