Pisgah town clerk indicted on felony theft, ethics charges


Former Pisgah, Alabama, town clerk Jennifer Lynne Hall was indicted earlier this month on felony charges of theft and an ethics violation, the Alabama attorney general announced in a news release.

Hall, 43, was indicted on June 13 and charged with two counts of theft of property in the first degree and one count of intentional use of an official position or office for personal gain, an ethics law violation, according to the news release issued Friday.

Hall turned herself in to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office on Thursday and was later released on an $11,000 bond.

The indictment charges Hall with theft of "unearned money from the Town of Pisgah payroll," a separate count of theft of U.S. currency, checks, or other funds that occurred from November 2011 to June 2017, and with using her official position or office for personal gain, the news release states.