Christopher Dahl running in Hamilton County Commission District 4

Christopher Dahl

Christopher Dahl is running as an independent for the District 4 seat on the Hamilton County Commission.

The district includes Alton Park, Amnicola, Avondale, Bushtown, East Chattanooga, East Lake, Eastside, Kings-point, Murray Hills and Ridgedale.

Dahl will face off in the Aug. 2 county general election against the winner of the May 1 Democratic primary, Warren Mackey or Kelvin Scott.

In a news release, Dahl said, "With a surge in crime, decay, and lack of accountability again on the rise, people in Hamilton County are wanting answers to questions; none are being asked more clearly than those coming from Hamilton County's 4th district.

"The county's bond rating is soaring out of control, being taxed to our communities, future and children every third Wednesday and with a community staggering from an overwhelming tax increase levied upon them from their own courthouse steps like a grand tribunal indictment; the only bang for their tax bucks residents are getting come from daily unsolved shootings."

Dahl's release misstates the date of the county election, saying "November's County Commission Election ballot will have that solution on it and as voters of Hamilton County's 4th district check the box beside Christopher Dahl's name the time for asking questions will be over and the time for getting answers will be on."

Other than saying he has worked all his life in Hamilton County, Dahl declined to provide personal information, such as education, family, religious preference and civic engagement. Asked for clarification, Dahl told the Times Free Press in a phone message that personal details shouldn't be the basis for voters' decision making.

Dahl's release condemned what he called "the revolving employment door of employers wooed here by elected representatives to exploit labor, making companies with home offices in faraway towns, states and countries rich; companies that don't pay local taxes, that come in quick and leave quicker."

"The solution is simple, no more code of silence for the office of the Mayor. District 4 residents are making this the #1 priority in their voting, that's why I'm electing to take Mackey's chair. We need commissioners who will make Hamilton County's 4th district No. 1."