Greeson: Georgia looking for a needle in a mountain of straws

Nickajack Lake

OK, we'll start. Georgia, keep your dang straws out of the Tennessee River.

If you didn't want water problems, then maybe you should have managed your growth and your resources better. More than 500 people move to Atlanta, on average, every day.

Think of it this way: If your kids started inviting over 500 friends every day, and you are happy to have them because they come over looking to do chores (jobs) and leave money on the kitchen table (taxes), you are going to make sure you have enough snacks, nap time options and, maybe most importantly, juice boxes for those visitors.

photo Jay Greeson

That's not a geographical issue; that's a management issue. And to that end, trying to redraft a silly issue from 200 or two years ago about some sort of phantom state line squabble seems somewhere between crafty and Kardashian, with way more weight on the latter.