Chickamauga is big on small-town charm

Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara look alike contest winners Doug Carson and Tillie Denney are presented to onlookers. The contest was part of The Gone With The Wind Ball held at Gordon Lee Mansion.
photo Corey Ryan Forrester

Corey Ryan Forrester grew up in Chickamauga - equal distance to a funeral home, a grocery store, a bank and a church. Now a comedian, he pays the bills by poking fun at his childhood in the small town.

"You could get up, get your groceries, die, they could have your service at the church, you could have your other service at the funeral home and then be buried over there at the cemetery," he says. "And I think some people do that. I think there's a good portion of people."

But earlier this year, Forrester conceded to the Times Free Press that he actually loves many aspects of his childhood. Chickamauga is a small town with small-town charms.