Hamilton County Jail inmates unveil 'Birds of Freedom' mural on Glass Street

Inmates who worked on the "Birds of Freedom" mural first completed simple avian drawings. (Photo from Mark Making)
photo About 75 Hamilton County Jail inmates earned achievement certificates for their participation in the "Birds of Freedom" mural. The project took a year, with a rotating roster of about a dozen participants attending class each Friday night. (Photo from Mark Making)

For the artists involved in the new mural "Birds of Freedom," the concept of life as a blank canvas may have been hard to conceive when they began the project.

All are inmates at the Hamilton County Jail serving time for various offenses. Canvases blemished, lives on hold.

"We have people who have been arrested but not convicted. People who've been held for six months because they couldn't make bail. People who skipped parole and went back in.