Bradley County officers disciplined for snatching phone from man filming video

The Bradley County Sheriff's Office is shown in this 2017 file photo.

A man who was cuffed, cussed and curtailed from recording a Bradley County Sheriff's Office traffic stop in April said Sunday he's glad to hear two officers involved in the incident have been disciplined.

"That's positive, that's a good thing, I respect them for that," said Jamichael Parks, though he was hoping for firings rather than a demotion and a suspension.

"But at least they did something, that's all that matters," Parks said.

The incident happened April 8 at the Harry's gas station on Dalton Pike, as Parks used his cousin Terrell Parks' phone to record officers questioning family members and searching their truck at the gas pumps.

Parks recorded Deputy Dale Liner ordering him to stop filming and hand over the phone.