Head of the Hooch offers local rowers chance of a lifetime [photos]

Crews compete in the Head of the Hooch rowing regatta at Ross's Landing on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018, in Chattanooga, Tenn. Thousands of rowers gathered at the riverfront to compete in one of the world's largest regattas, which continues Sunday.

McCallie parents and crew supporters peered into the distance from atop the Walnut Street bridge Saturday afternoon. They were eagerly waiting for the Varsity 8 to travel around the bend and into site as they pulled their oars through the main stretch of the Tennessee River through the heart of Chattanooga.

"That's them," a parent with binoculars said as the eight boys in the boat and their coxswain came into view. They were taking a good line, rowing cleanly in the annual Head of the Hooch rowing regatta and looking strong from the perspective of the cheering supporters high above the river.

Their support grew louder as the boys approached and disappeared beneath the bridge.