Side Orders: Pumpkin pie gets a flavor assist from cheesecake

To be honest, pumpkin pie is my least favorite dessert on the Thanksgiving table. In fact, if there's nothing but pumpkin pie, I'll just forgo dessert. I've heard many people say pumpkin pie is their favorite of all pies. Hard to believe, but it's true.

So when I came upon this pie recipe in my files, I decided to give it a try, simply because it combines a cheesecake-type filling with traditional pumpkin pie, so that has to improve the flavor and texture. Sure enough, after making it, I changed my mind about pumpkin pie. After all, doesn't cheesecake make everything better?

photo Anne Braly

The pie is not only delicious to eat, it's gorgeous with a swirl of the cheesecake filling running through it.