Mike Costa leaving Sinclair Group

Mike Costa
Mike Costa

Mike Costa, the general manager of the Sinclair Broadcast Group (NewsChannel 9, Fox Chattanooga and CW Chattanooga) for the last 14 years posted on Facebook Monday night that Friday would be his last day in the position.

No reason was given, and he says in the post that he is not sure what his next move will be, other than enjoying the holidays with his family.

'What will I be doing in the future?' he wrote on Facebook.

"I am fortunate to be in position to take some time to decide what the best future for me is. In the short term, I am going to enjoy the holidays with my family. Too many times over the course of this career the holidays have been a distraction. The broadcast business forces one to live 90 to 120 days out. The Christmas season always seemed to get in the way of starting the next year off correctly. Not this year, there will be lots of Holiday Cheer in the Costa household as that will be my only focus in December.

"As I enter the New Year, I will be exploring my options and deciding what the next chapter of my professional life looks like. While I am not yet sure what that is, I am sure of this; my life will have balance.

"I am extremely grateful to all the wonderful people who have been part of my career and I am appreciative of all the support. It has been a great run . . . there is more to come. I promise."

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