NoBaked cookie dough coming to North Shore

This image from video shows NoBaked Cookie Dough founder Megan Beaven (now Megan Feeman) speaking during a 2018 TEDx Talk.

A Chattanooga family hopes to soon satisfy Chattanoogans' sweet tooth cravings for cookie dough with a new snack shop on the North Shore.

Matt and Stephanie Mihoci, who live in North Chattanooga, are teaming up with Stephanie's sister, Shelby Garren, to bring a local franchise of the popular NoBaked Cookie Dough eatery to the Frazier Place on Frazier Avenue by December. The local franchise will be the second for the Nashville-based NoBaked Cookie eatery, which first opened last year offering the trendy dessert in a variety of cookie dough flavors.

"We are extremely excited to bring a unique dessert option to Chattanooga," Stephanie Mihoci said Thursday. "Aside from the cookie dough being absolutely delicious, we were interested in NoBaked because the brand was created in Nashville. It is important to us that we invest in concepts that we believe in and can expand into our home town."