Meet the Chef: Patrick Halloran keeps Hummingbird Pastaria humming along

Chef Patrick Halloran stands in the dining room at Hummingbird Pastaria on Signal Mountain.

A native of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Patrick Halloran, chef/owner of Hummingbird Pastaria on Signal Mountain, says he grew up in a family of good cooks. He remembers a certain fondness for his Austrian-raised grandmother's desserts, as well as his granddad's steak seasoning, a special recipe he uses to this day.

"My mother is a good cook, too," he says. "Being a working mother with three sons, she still found time to make dinner when she got home from work. Every night she would recruit one of the three of us into the kitchen with her to help. Now, for better or worse, none of us boys are timid in a kitchen to this day."

So his road to a culinary career was a natural one - genetic, one might say.