Off the Couch: Quality time with the Halloween candy, misbehaving with Barking Legs

Dr. Bruce Kaplan, left, and Ann Law will mark 25 years of Barking Legs Theater with a three-day celebration, Let's Misbehave: Our Gala 25th Anniversary Kickoff Show, starting Thursday, Nov. 1.

BARRY COURTER: Lisa, it's always been my theory that getting older is simply a matter of living long enough. That's sort of how I view things like birthdays and most anniversaries, but sometimes we need to show some love when people or organizations reach a significant milestone. I'm talking, of course, about Barking Legs Theater.

LISA DENTON: Oh, I thought you were about to congratulate me for the significant milestone of paying off my car. Hocus Focus is all mine now. I expect pieces to start falling off anytime. But, yes, I am happy to throw in my own accolades for Barking Legs - 25 years is worth celebrating.

BARRY: It's hard to believe that it's been that long, but it's harder still to remember where we were in comparison to where we are now, and much of it is thanks to the work Ann Law and her husband, Dr.