Hart: Tiger pause ends, shows the remarkable redemptive nature of America

Tiger Woods hits a shot on the 12th hole at Augusta National Golf Club during the final round of the Masters on Sunday.
photo Ron Hart

Tiger Woods, who became his own cautionary tale, made his redemptive comeback and won the Masters after 3,950 days since his last major win. His son, Charlie, and daughter, Sam, hugged him emotionally on 18. It's probably the best comeback story in sports, and one the nation universally cheered.

It has been a tough decade for Tiger. You will remember that his Swedish wife, Elin, divorced him, citing irreconcilable waitresses. She chased him out of their driveway with a 9-iron (she felt an 8-iron was too much club). Elin did miss with the 9-iron; thank goodness Charles Barkley was her swing coach. Tiger fled his driveway in his car and hit a tree; seven more bimbos fell out.