A side trip to find the best moonshine in Blairsville, Georgia

Tommy Townsend is the grandson of noted Blue Ridge Mountains moonshiner Jack "Mimm" McClure, whose illegal trade got him through the Great Depression.

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OWLTOWN, Ga. - Lightning never strikes the same place twice. But white lightning? Well, that's a whole different story, and it's one that begins in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains where Jack "Mimm" McClure plied a trade that got him through the years of the Great Depression, making some of the best hooch in the mountains.

Now, his grandson, Tommy Townsend, a musician of note, has picked up the family moonshine mantle and, once again, McClure's famous 'shine is back on the market, albeit this time legally.

McClure died in 1969, and best as anyone knew, his recipe was lost to the ages.