Fare Exchange: Two ways with corn, notes on salt and a stir-fry finale

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photo Jane Henegar

Welcome to Fare Exchange.

Bob Connelly of McDonald, Tennessee, has a memory of hickory grilled - not smoked - ribs. "I used to get my ribs from Masterblaster on Central Avenue. Then I followed them to Third Street. Now they are gone. I loved the fact that their ribs were grilled over hickory and not smoked to death like everyone does now. Dreamland in Alabama also grills their ribs. Do you know anyone who cooks ribs like this now?"

Mr. Connelly's question raises more questions. Who cooks ribs like this and always, does the barbecue master at your house cook ribs like this? If so, tell us how.

Last week we asked you to share in Fare Exchange the best feature, the best appliance, the best memory, the best recipe: the Best of the Best in any category in your kitchen.