McKee reintroduces Drake's mini pound cakes

Photo contributed by McKee Food Corps.
photo Photo contributed by McKee Food Corps.

Seven years after buying the Drake's line of snacks from the bankrupt Hostess bakery, McKee Foods is bringing back one of Drake's original and most popular snacks - the Drake's Mini Pound Cakes.

Similar to how McKee Foods developed its Little Debbie cream-filled snacks from larger cakes made in the past, Drake's moist, golden-brown cake squares grew out of one of the company's first products, the pound cake.

"We're excited about the return of a classic variety to the Drake's line-up," said Chip Stenberg, Drake's associate brand manager. "Drake's Mini Pound Cakes are great for individual snacking or as the foundation of an easy-to-make dessert, coupled with fresh fruit or the topping of your choice."