Carlton Valley family of 3 rescued by boat from rising floodwaters

This screenshot was taken of a Saturday Facebook post by Carlton Valley resident Shea Austin, who was rescued, along with another adult family member she identified as Joseph and an infant named Ryver, from rising floodwaters that threatened to overtake her home.

Rescue workers pulled a family of three, including an infant, from a Cold Creek Road home in the Carlton Valley community on Saturday after rising floodwaters prevented them from leaving the house, which sits next to the Collins River.

"The river rose quicker than they anticipated and they just weren't able to get out," said Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum. "Beersheba Springs Fire/Rescue deployed their boat and went and got 'em, so they're in a safe place."

Shrum said the water had not yet reached the family's home, but rescuers had to traverse waters about 6 or 7 feet deep to get to them.

A Facebook post by a woman named Shea Austin reported that hers was the family that needed rescuing Saturday.

"For everyone wondering we are safe," the post reads. "This was me and Joseph and our 3 month old baby Ryver. We are safe thanks to the rescue squad and are staying on the mountain. Thank you everyone who helped us!"

The sheriff added that, so far, no other people in the area had been in need of similar help.

"So far, so good," he said. "We're really just concerned about the front we have moving in this afternoon. So, we're gonna monitor that real close and see what happens."

He said that some families had voluntarily evacuated the area, where water rose quickly due to ongoing rainstorms.

"There's not a mandatory evacuation [going on] right now," Shrum said. "But some folks have voluntarily left that area, and it's closed off. Highway 56 that runs through there, it's completely flooded. We've just asked people to stay there until the water's gone down. Hopefully, it'll go down enough that this next batch of showers won't cause as much trouble as we've had today. But we are concerned about it."