Chattanooga police officer was fired for not signing receipt, records show

Cameka Bruce (Photo from Chattanooga Police Department)

Former Chattanooga police officer Cameka Bruce was fired earlier this year for not signing a receipt for delivery of a disciplinary action notification letter, internal affairs documents reveal.

Bruce was initially investigated in late 2017 over allegations of missing evidence and improper use of overtime. As a result of that investigation, she was offered a last-chance agreement in October 2018.

The agreement, which puts an officer on notice that future misconduct could result in immediate demotion or termination, was offered in lieu of a demotion, according to a disciplinary letter. By entering the agreement, she would also forfeit her right to appeal the disciplinary decision.

But, in a letter to Chattanooga Police Department Chief David Roddy, Bruce's attorneys argued that their client did not want to waive her right to appeal. As a result, a new disciplinary letter was issued on Oct.