Side Orders: Tuna casserole gets a modern makeover

Anne Braly

Tuna casserole, for many of us baby boomers, was a last-ditch effort at making dinner when nothing else was available in the pantry. And talk about economical!

When I was in my early 20s - with a husband in grad school and a new baby - tuna casserole came to the rescue on many occasions. I honestly can't say how many nights we dined on that mixture of canned tuna, mushroom soup, frozen peas and chop suey noodles. But one thing for certain, it was a lifesaver on many occasions.

photo Anne Braly

The thought of another tuna casserole makes my tastebuds shudder at the thought. That is, until I found myself with a can of tuna in hand and a recipe in front of me on my tablet emailed by an anonymous reader.