These four vacation options are better than the places like them you've probably already been

Don't go here ... go here

Beaches of Tulum, Mexico, vs. Belize.

It's easy to know when it's time for a vacation. You may stare wistfully in the sky at every passing plane, or find yourself hyperventilating come Monday morning. But figuring out where to go on vacation can be a chore (although it's probably not the most unappealing task on your plate). We've taken it upon ourselves to make the job a little more manageable by filling you in on where you can catch a festival held only once every couple of decades, new hotels to visit before the crowds do, and how to score great deals at renovated resorts bouncing back from storm damage. Whether you typically spend your time off lounging by the beach, attending concerts and festivals, or acquainting yourself with the cultures of faraway lands, we have an escape or two that'll make you wish for more vacation days, as if you didn't already.