Flaming truck pulls up next to firefighters after they save man having medical emergency on Highway 153

A driver drove his flaming truck up to the firefighters and parked it next to the ambulance. (Photo by Capt. Chris LaFerry/Chattanooga Fire Department)

One emergency leads to another, apparently.

According to a news release, Chattanooga firefighters were dispatched to a wreck with injuries on Highway 153 northbound on the Chickamauga Dam, but there was no wreck.

The man driving the car was having a medical emergency and pulled his vehicle over on the bridge. Firefighters rendered medical aid to the man and helped load him into an ambulance, but that wasn't the end of the trip for them.

After firefighters closed the ambulance door, an old Ford F-150 pickup truck pulling a trailer loaded with firewood was on fire approaching them.

The driver pulled his flaming truck up next to the ambulance and parked it.

The firefighters quickly put on their firefighting gear and worked to put the fire out. The fire was contained to the engine compartment and cab. The ambulance was not damaged and no one was injured.

Hamilton County EMS proceeded to transport the man with the medical emergency to a local hospital. A TDOT truck pulled the burned-up truck and trailer off the dam and the way was cleared for traffic, which had backed up considerably.