Case: Turkey hunting has been the basis for decades of friendship

Outdoors columnist Larry Case, second from right, and his turkey hunting buddies participate in the daily back porch session that precedes supper each evening in camp during their annual spring gathering.

"Cod, don't move - that turkey is standing down there right where you were sitting."

I glance over at my hunting buddy Randal. I am standing close to him but not facing downhill as he is. I'm a little skeptical because I figure Randal might be messing with me, but I don't want to turn my head and look if the turkey is indeed close. I take a slow step backward behind a screen of brush and hope I am hidden from the alleged gobbler.

I watch Randal's face as he stares downhill, and when he grimaces, I know the turkey is gone. We had been working on this turkey for the past two hours, and I was about done in. I had just now extracted myself from the place I had been sitting, and the hillside location plus the awkward position I was forced to sit in while calling to this turkey was near torture.