This week's restaurant report card dings three Chattanooga area eateries with health violations

Restaurant tile

There were no failures, but three Chattanooga area restaurants received low scores this week after Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department inspections.

A manager not in control of several food-borne illness risk factors and ice buildup dripping on uncovered, unprotected food were among the reasons for the inferior marks.

Four area eateries received a perfect score of 100.


The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department inspects restaurants twice a year and grades the businesses on a 100-point scale. Scores below 70 require corrective action.

Restaurants are reinspected if they fail to meet critical standards. To file a health-related complaint, call the Department of Environmental Health at 209-8110. The scores are original and do not reflect on-the-spot changes, which sometimes lead to upward adjustments.

No failures reported for the week ending May 22, 2019:

76 Foodworks
205 Manufacturers Road
Reasons include: Manager not in control of several food-borne illness risk factors and does not have an approved food safety certification; two dented cans of green chilis; cooked cream and sausage temping between 110°F and 150°F in large plastic container with the lid off; cooling time and temperature not being tracked; cooked lasagna was two days past seven day maximum holding time; pulled cooked pork in walk-in cooler dated more than seven days ago.