Side Orders: Assortment of fruits, veggies add color to pasta salad

Anne Braly

Could there be anything more refreshing on a warm late-spring evening than a pasta salad? Especially one that serves as an entree with the addition of chicken.

I've had this recipe tucked away for several years with the idea of making it one summer. But as life goes, it also traveled to the back of my I'll-make-this-one-day file. Do you have one of those? I'm stretching things by calling mine a file. It's more like a junk drawer in my kitchen filled with notes, recipes and lists of things that need done around the house. It's a drawer of dreams that many never realize. But every once in a while I'll pull one out, and this pasta salad was just as good as I thought it would be when I ripped it from the pages of an old magazine.