BreakPoint: Religious couples are the most satisfied in the bedroom, survey says

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One of our world's most persistent myths is that religion is the enemy of good sex. The idea of Christians as repressed Puritan prudes - as historically inaccurate as that is - still exerts enormous power over our imaginations.

The other side of that myth is perpetuated in the glamorous portrayals in movies and TV of sexual liberation juxtaposed alongside frigid marriages. The message is clear: Faith and tradition are shackles that must be shed if we are to enjoy the kind of freedom the sexual revolution promises.

But here's the truth: It's a false promise - as false as the idea that religion puts a damper on sex. A sweeping new study by the Institute for Family Studies at Brigham Young University reveals that, in terms of both sexual satisfaction and relationship quality, highly religious couples fare better than the nonreligious.