Cleaveland: Revisiting the past via Life magazine

Dr. Cliff Cleaveland / Staff file photo

I found a June 3, 1940, issue of Life magazine in an unexplored file from my parents' home. The cover featured a stark, nighttime photograph of the Statue of Liberty and the theme of the issue: "America and the World."

Advertisements ranged from automobiles to health aids to clothing to cigarettes and whiskey. A new Plymouth coupe could be purchased for $645, which included "front and rear bumpers, a spare wheel and tire, front and rear ashtrays and a sun visor." An ad for a DeSoto convertible highlighted Scottish plaid upholstery, a top that could be raised with the press of a button, and a gearshift attached to the steering column.

Health products offered wide-ranging benefits. Bosco, an iron-laced supplement given at bedtime, promised improved energy: "Where there's pep, there's iron."