Higher TV content costs boost most popular EPB video plan by $6 a month

Internet, phone rates unchanged

In this 2014 staff file photo, Don Nannery, EPB senior manager of system analysis and control, works in EPB's all-new, state-of-the-art distribution center designed to compliment the citywide Smart Grid and fiber optic network.

EPB will raise the average charge for its video service by more than 5% in November to pay for increased costs from its television content providers.

EPB directors Friday approved new EPB video rates, similar to the increases implemented last November, to boost the average customer's bill for those subscribing to EPB video services by $6.71 a month.

Effective Nov. 1, the price of EPB channel packages will increase by $1 for Bronze Channels, $6 for its most popular service, Silver Channels, and $8 for Gold Channels.

EPB is not changing rates for its premium channels, equipment, Fi Phone, and Fi-Speed Internet. Bundle discounts for taking two or more fiber optic services also will still apply under the new rate schedule.

EPB President David Wade said the higher video rates are a straight pass through from TV networks to TV subscribers of EPB.