Best Places to Work: HullCo

Focused on staying positive, reacting quickly to change

Photo contributed by HullCo / Pictured left to right, back to front: HullCo employees Sam Hughes, Matt Gainer, Fred Whitson, Gary Capp, Rusty Jones, Jamey Malone, Kenny Westermyer, Jim Cutler, Matt Gillenwater, Tammy Capp, Matt Hullander, Bobby Winnie, Michael Frady, with homeowner Laticia Boyd. The HullCo team made repairs to Boyd's home as part of a company community service project.

Every Friday, Matt Hullander sends a short, informal video to his entire team, calling out successes, updating them on the highlights of the past week, and offering glimpses of what's coming next. On a Friday in late March, as the coronavirus crisis grew, that message had a new tone.

"In a situation like this, there's fight or flight, but there's also a third option: freeze," Hullander says. "I have a peer in Illinois who closed and laid everyone off, another one who closed for two weeks to see what would happen. I've seen freezing and flight, but my team know that's not what we're doing."

Instead, HullCo plans to fight through this crisis, Hullander says, closing its showroom to walk-in traffic, shifting to virtual presentations, and sending out crews to focus on outdoor home improvement work that allows them to work safely.