Hart: A look back at the awful year that was 2020

File photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/The Associated PRess / In this Nov. 14, 2018 file photo, Dave Haywood, from left, Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley, of Lady A, formerly Lady Antebellum, arrive at the 52nd annual CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee. The Grammy-winning country group dropped the word "Antebellum" from their name because of the word's ties to slavery.

There is humor in everything, even 2020. Here is my annual look back at the year.

* I kidded that "Baby, It's Cold Outside" should be changed to "Baby, It's COVID Outside" to pacify the babies on the left who want to ban the 1946 Christmas song. They say it is about date rape and is offensive. Many radio stations capitulated and banned it. If that song gets banned by the AOC crowd, is there any chance "White Christmas" will make it through 2021?

* Bowing to PC pressure, even the country band Dixie Chicks dropped "Dixie" from its name. Lady Antebellum wimped out to become Lady A. If this trend continues, the band Alabama will be forced to change its name to "New Hampshire."

* After months of stalling for fear it would help Trump, the Dem-led Congress is back to its old tricks on spending. Its sketchy spending bill of almost $1 trillion, supposedly for COVID relief, contained only 19% for checks to individuals - a paltry $600 each. That is not enough money to join the Church of Scientology. The Dems then sent about half that amount to teachers' unions via payments to K-12 schools and colleges. (Why do they need money if they are shut down?) A bunch of money went to their favorite socialist foreign countries, including $15 million to repair a boat in Sri Lanka. If you think the $600 you get is not enough, use it to hire a lobbyist to open a boat repair place in Sri Lanka, and you can turn it into $15 million.

* Disgraced Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze had a great season in his banishment to Liberty University. Liberty is a school that believes in redemption and gave him another chance. Freeze is likely to get another head coaching job. Less fortunate was University President Jerry Falwell Jr., who was let go over his reported enthusiasm for watching his wife with others in bed. It looks like there is no redemption for him at Liberty. Some think he got screwed by being let go when all he did was stand by and watch; at least the university threw him a bone in his severance package.

* The postal service in Georgia is very slow, which could complicate the Senate runoff race. I used to vote there, and recently my absentee ballot came back to me in the mail. So I guess Jimmy Carter won without my vote?

* Demographics in Georgia have changed, with many more affluent people moving to zero-tax Florida or Tennessee. The tone has changed in Georgia as well; the last time I was in Atlanta, protesters saw my gray beard and tried to knock me down and throw me into the Chattahoochee River. They thought I was a Confederate statue.

* It was nice to see record levels of snow, helping ski resorts get back on track. Personally, I do not like skiing. It is like sitting in freezing snow and throwing $100 bills on a fire. My favorite winter activity when it is freezing outside is to go back inside where it is warm.

* It is hoped we all can attend the Masters in April and later celebrate Cinco de Mayo without social distancing. Cinco de Mayo honors the Mexican military's defeat of the French in 1862. Indeed, the French Army plays every country's homecoming game.

* It was a bad year for medical bureaucrats. Not a single person died of natural causes after COVID hit in March. After badmouthing Trump's COVID vaccine, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden ceremoniously got their shots on TV. Maybe to make this a win/win, we can get a rabies shot for Nanny Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff.

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