River rising: Rains swell Tennessee River near flood stage in Chattanooga

Tennessee River on Feb. 7, 2020 / Photo by Dave Flessner / Tennessee River spills over its banks below the Chickamauga Dam above the C.B. Robinson Bridge near the site of the Invista plant on Access Drive on the north side of the Tennessee River.

The Tennessee River has risen nearly 7 feet in Chattanooga this week and is continuing to rise today after heavy rains over the past three days dumped up to 8 inches of rainfall in parts of the Tennessee Valley.

But the river is expected to crest a foot below flood stage in Chattanooga and below the peak level reached a year ago.

"We've had really impressive rainfall totals, but we're getting a break today with only light rain and some snow flurries expected in the next few days," said James Everett, senior manager of TVA's River Forecast Center in Knoxville.

Rainfall totals since Tuesday averaged anywhere from 2 to 8 inches across most of TVA's 7-state region, Everett said.

While rain-swollen creeks and streams flow into the Tennessee River from parts of East Tennessee, Northeast Georgia and parts of western North Carolina and Virginia, the Tennessee River is likely to stay at elevated levels with strong river currents for at least another week or two.