Remember when, Chattanooga? The 1947 Army Day Parade from Patten Hotel to Rialto Theater

This photo from the Chattanooga Free Press collection at UTC appears to be of the Army Day Parade in Chattanooga on April 9, 1947.

On one level, this is just an old photograph of a mid-20th century military parade in downtown Chattanooga. But look a little closer and clues emerge about the probable date of this community celebration.

The cars embedded in the crowds lining Market Street are clearly 1940s vintage. Zoom in, and you'll also notice that the Rialto Theater, a '40s-era movie house on Market Street, is showing "Cross My Heart," a film starring actor Sonny Tufts and actress Betty Hutton. Movie historians would note that this post-war comedy was likely playing in Chattanooga in late 1946 or early 1947.

The plot of "Cross My Heart" is described in movie archives this way: "A chronic liar (Betty Hutton) confesses to murder to show off her fiance's (Sonny Tufts) ability as a lawyer." Hi-jinks ensued.