Amtrak eyes new Atlanta to Nashville passenger train with Chattanooga stop

Amtrak and Metrolink trains meet at Moorpark Station train tile amtrak tile / Getty Images

NASHVILLE - It's a major part of the city's past, but could there be a choo choo in Chattanooga's future?

Amtrak officials have been discussing with Tennessee officials a proposal to establish an Atlanta to Nashville line. Stops could include one in Chattanooga for the first time since 1971 as the nation's passenger railroad service explores the line.

Tennessee House Transportation Committee Chairman Dan Howell, R-Georgetown, said the state is certainly interested but cautioned it's too early for anyone to start tooting just yet.

"It's just proposed," Howell said of Amtrak's idea, which would provide medium- and long-distance intercity service in the contiguous U.S. and nine Canadian cities. "Amtrak came to us so there's interest there. But there's a lot of moving parts. It's like putting a puzzle together."

Howell said he discussed the proposal with Gov.