Hart: With Joe Biden, Dems try to prove just any idiot can beat Trump

Photo by Patrick Semansky of The Associated Press / Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, speaks at Alexis Dupont High School in Wilmington, Delware, on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

With press agents CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, et al., Joe Biden has somehow been able to hide in his basement and still rise in the polls. The less you see of him, the better for him. Biden says he is the agent of change needed in D.C. to fix all the problems of the past. In reality, after spending his entire adult life in Washington politics - more than 40 years - his fingerprints are on most of the problems of the past.

The other reason he has been locked away, with only one tightly controlled news conference in 90 days, is his apparent dementia. Biden says he is "taking cognitive tests every day." When pressed on it later, his campaign admitted he lied. Hoping to clarify, Biden himself would be likely to say, "I take a cognitive function test every day," and then would add, "I take a cognitive function test every day."

The main issue of this presidential campaign should be the economy. Biden will try to make it about gun control and open border immigration. New York and Chicago proudly welcome illegals by proclaiming themselves "sanctuary cities." Those two Democrat-run cities need an influx of immigrants because locals are running out of people to shoot.

Lawless shootings set records this past weekend in Atlanta and the South Side of Chicago. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was furious, saying they have done more damage than any Atlanta policeman ever did. I studied all of the police reports of the shootings; not a single Confederate statue was identified as fleeing the scene of any of these shootings.

The Democrat vandals that Biden must support really do not know their history. Statues of abolitionists and scholars such as Frederick Douglass are being taken down by angry leftist mobs who say Republicans represent hate. There is nothing more ironically satisfying than seeing a statue of Abraham Lincoln pulled down by an angry mob and watching it hit one of their Prius cars sporting a "Coexist" sticker on it.

When he cannot blame everything on Trump, Biden has to promise to quell the angry African American BLM mobs the way Democrats always have: with a meaningless, token gesture. Things are so bad now that Biden is looking into renaming a bridge after a Black guy or putting up another statue of MLK. And as we know, just one more statue will be what it takes to finally improve the problems that ail the Black community.

The Democrats have had a big month in helping African Americans. They got an old lady off a syrup bottle, a garage door rope out of a NASCAR garage, Uncle Ben off boxes of rice, a couple cartoons off the air, John Wayne off an airport name, and a pancake mix box updated. So Dems are riding high and now can just sit back and admire their contributions to society.

The other symbolic gesture Biden has used to differentiate himself from Trump is wearing a mask, even when speaking alone. Trump sees masks as a sign of weakness and never wears one when speaking. When pressed on the issue, Trump says he does put on a black face mask when around staff and traveling. So MSNBC reported, "Trump admits he wears blackface."

I've been so bored during COVID-19 that I have been reading history books, trying to make sense of things. Spain had a legendary knight named El Cid in the 11th century. His men famously strapped his corpse to his horse after he was killed in battle and sent him out to inspire his admiring soldiers to victory. It is the same model the Democrats will be using with Joe Biden this fall.

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