Chattanooga police will enforce pedestrian traffic laws after recent protests

A photo from Market and Main streets Friday night in which protesters blocked emergency vehicles. / Photo contributed by the Chattanooga Police Department.

The Chattanooga Police Department will be enforcing pedestrian traffic laws within city limits after several traffic-related incidents involving protesters, according to a news release.

Police will be focusing on pedestrians who violate the 2010 Tennessee Code, prohibiting obstruction of a street or sidewalk.

Chattanooga police dispatchers received 28 calls since July 1, in relation to protesters blocking roadways, impeding traffic, and frightening community members attempting to travel by road, the news release states.

Police said they have also received numerous complaints from residents and business owners in the areas of recent protest demonstrations.

Multiple protesters, including local activists Marie Mott, 32, and Cameron Williams, 35, were arrested Sunday for actions that police ruled as obstructing the intersection of Market and East Main streets.

The protesters each face charges of disorderly conduct and blocking a highway.

"The Chattanooga Police Department supports those who wish [to] exercise their right to assemble peacefully," a statement from the department reads. "However, when public safety is compromised and laws are violated, it is the responsibility and duty of CPD officers to intervene."