Hart: The illusion of intelligence of the imperious 'woke' Left

Protesters rally outside a McDonald's in Detroit, Monday, July 20, 2020. The national workers strike saw people walk off the job Monday in U.S. cities to protest systemic racism and economic inequality. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

The three-month trial membership in "wokeness" is up, and America does not want to subscribe.

With the monomaniacal desire to get rid of Trump, the leftist millennial "woke" crowd has overplayed its manufactured grievances. Some have become so "woke," they can't sleep.

It turns out, most Americans do not like these whiny incoherent layabouts who are bent on making us bow to their whimsy. The media recently realized this and no longer show the ongoing riots, destruction and lawlessness of anarchists across the country in cities such as Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland. When visuals do not help their cause, the media hides them.

Those who built this country find the gripes of this crowd to be petty. This millennial generation has it so good that to make their own failings palatable, they manufacture victim-hood. The Greatest Generation stormed the beaches at Normandy, staring down certain death to liberate Europe. These snowflakes are triggered and cry when they glance a statue.

There should be a "Millennial Survivor" or "Fear Factor "show in which contenders are forced to go a weekend without being offended by a statue or syrup bottle.

If you believe you are right, do not tear down instructive historic relics of the past. It is the reason the Jewish community doesn't demand Auschwitz demolished. Contextualized properly, it serves humanity better by standing as a reminder.

Griping is easy to do from the comfort of a parent's basement while watching Netflix and 2,500 other channels on TV. My generation had three TV channels and had to wade through 12-feet of shag carpet to change the channel.

It is the same with sex. Today it is ubiquitous. We had to work for it with wooing, flowers, kindness, and trial and error. The Beatles sang to my generation, "All You Need is Love." This generation can get "loved" in an hour by swiping right on Tinder. We would go to a movie and then decide if we want to have sex. Now people have sex and then decide if they want to go to a movie. I get it; going to a movie is a bigger commitment of time.

"Woke" is a form of virtue signaling. Democrats thrive on empty gestures that improve no one's life but make themselves feel superior. By agreeing to inane things, corporations and individuals buy political cover from the woke mob - much like the folks in North Korea who put up a picture of Kim Jung Un. It buys safety, for now.

This very callous "woke" crowd is defined by trying to cancel anything they disagree with. They do not want debate, or opposing opinions, they just want it gone. Mexican food products manufacturer Goya Foods recently became a target of the cancel culture mobsters, led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Yet, when the owner stood up for Trump, his sales skyrocketed. He should name AOC employee of the month. The news of this even found its way to Biden, who likely responded with: If you support Goya Foods, you ain't Hispanic.

All this woke leftist malarkey has forced Biden, a man struggling with his mental acuity, to act like he cares about it. Biden awkwardly tries to understand the vagaries of the jarring movement left of his party and jumps on board with anything his advisers tell him. It will get worse if he picks true progressive and accomplished wacko Elizabeth Warren as his vice president choice. She wants it so bad, and like others, is shamelessly pandering for the spot. Warren even changed her Indian name to Running Mate.

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden co-opted this leftist progressive environmental millennial crowd. This is ironic since their age combined is a millennium. Biden now leads the nuts, advocating the Green New Deal, wherein we would have no aircraft, no automobiles, no boats. We should elect Biden president of Gilligan's Island, and tell him he won.

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