Sam Hall, creator of, explains how to preserve photos for generations to come

To take photos that will last for decades focus on places, not faces, Sam Hall says

Sam Hall, creator of, has started to compile a database of faces from old school photos from the Chattanooga area so they can be cross-referenced against photos that have no identifications. As a result, he has been able to discover the names of people in 100-year-old photos with a high degree of accuracy. Photo contributed by Hall.

Sam Hall, curator of the website, says that people who want to create photographic images for the ages should focus on places, not just faces.

After all, in 100 years, nobody is going to want to see your selfies, Hall said during a recent virtual event with the Times Free Press.

For several months, Hall and the Times Free Press have collaborated on a series called "Remember When, Chattanooga?" highlighting historic photos of the local area. The series, which appears in the print and digital versions of the Times Free Press, also has a Facebook group those interested in history can join.

During the interview, Hall gave tips for making your photographs durable and interesting for the long run, not just for instant gratification on social media.