Franklin County High School 'Rebel' mascot, team name stirs controversy in Winchester

Photo contributed by Chris Colane / Franklin County High School in Winchester, Tenn.

A small, gray-clad cartoon general - the mascot of the Franklin County High School Rebels in Winchester, Tennessee - has come under fire from a local woman and others who want to get rid of the mascot, the team name and any other symbols related to the Confederacy.

The Rebel, also called Mr. Rebel or Col. Rebel, has been the high school mascot since 1950 and it often has been a lightning rod of controversy, according to Stanley Bean, Franklin County's director of schools.

The 310,000-square-foot high school graduated its first class in 2005, after the old school was retired in favor of a new, larger site. There's no outward sign of the controversial image, but the name exists on a campus road, Rebel Drive.

The name Rebels is on team uniforms, fan wear, equipment and in other sports programs and activities.