Thieves take at least $6,000 in equipment from Foster Falls fire hall

The Foster Falls Volunteer Fire Department in Marion County, Tennessee, is missing more than $6,000 in equipment after a break-in on Tuesday.

Stolen items include a Stihl chainsaw, a Husqvarna chainsaw, a Honda generator, six angled Streamlight flashlights and one large Streamlight flashlight, a took kit, dual head halogen light with stand, an aluminum ladder, an air compressor with an orange hose, two Kenwood base-mount truck radios and a Motorola base-mount truck radio, according to fire officials.

The theft not only left the department short on some valuable equipment, a quarterly board meeting was rescheduled because of it, according to a post on the department's social media page.

Foster Falls fire Chief Jeff Gass wants the community served by the department to know its firefighters are still ready.

"While the recent theft of these items will impact parts of our fire fighting ability, I want the Foster Falls Community to know that we are still on call 24/7 should an emergency arise," Gass said in a separate post on the department's social media page.