Republican political vendor Phoenix Solutions worked in bitter Tennessee primary battle last fall

This is a screen grab from a mailer in support of Todd Warner's candidacy for the General Assembly, used by Phoenix Solutions to tout its political work. The firm was not listed on Warner's disclosures.

NASHVILLE - The name of elusive political vendor Phoenix Solutions LLC doesn't appear in any campaign financial disclosures filed last year by Tennessee Republican House candidate and now-Rep. Todd Warner of Chapel Hill in his District 92 race.

But the Times Free Press has learned the New Mexico-based firm later claimed to a prospective client of having done at least one political mailer for Warner, whose home and legislative office was among those searched by FBI agents in January as part of a yet-to-be-specified probe.

A copy of the mailer shows it was paid for by the Warner campaign. While Warner reported spending $75,500 with a company calling itself Dixieland Strategies for unspecified "professional services," his disclosure makes no mention of Phoenix Solutions.

Phoenix was used and promoted by Rep. Robin Smith, a Hixson Republican and business and political consultant whose home and legislative office was also among those hit in the FBI's Jan.