Tennessee Tree Day, Chattanooga-area nurseries taking orders for landscape, garden plants

Bald cypress trees / File Photo/ Special to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

If Joyce Kilmer's ode to "Trees" is the playbook for your yard, you're in luck. Tennessee Tree Day, the chance to choose from among 10 native bare-root seedlings for $1.99 each, is coming up next month. You have about a week to reserve your selections (while they last). They'll be available for pickup the weekend of March 19-20.

March is at the tail end of tree-planting season, says Tom Stebbins, a University of Tennessee Extension agent for Hamilton County. But he understands the springtime urge to get outside and dig in the dirt. Because these specimens are seedlings, they should thrive as long as they don't get thirsty.

"People will just have to get out and water," he says.

These seedlings probably won't even need a lot of water, perhaps once a week in these early, cooler days of spring.